Dear Janet,

I am writing you from the plane, the plane to Rwanda.  I want to thank you for helping me get here. 


Since about 2006 I have wanted to move to Africa and work in solar-electrification of rural villages.  I spent 9 years climbing the ranks at an industrial solar company in Victoria, Canada, where I was able to facilitate the sale of solar streetlights to Benin, Togo and Senegal.  Although I made excellent progress and built a portfolio of experience, I couldn’t quite get myself to actually make the move.  I kept finding excuses, reasons, roadblocks, obstacles and detours.


I struggled with the value of my values.  Are they the right ones? Are they good enough?


I struggled with the belief in my own dreams.  Is it absurd to want to do this?  How come none of my friends and family can relate?  Why don’t I seem to want what everyone else wants?


When we were introduced I was stuck right in the middle of questioning everything, upset with myself for getting in my own way again, in a terribly toxic relationship, living in a big scary grey city, working in a totally tangential industry, deeply confused about what I wanted and conflicted by my own polarizing views on just about everything.  


With your guidance and support over the last 9 months, I was able to really own my values and my dream and have the courage to stand by them.  I really felt like you were listening in our conversations.  You were able to help me tease apart the complexities of the different story lines of my life that were getting all tangled together.  You enabled me to help myself grow and learn. 


Now, I feel confident at a whole new level.  I love who I am and what I have to offer.  I am authentic in every interaction and appreciate both the levity that brings to my heart and the depth of connection that brings to my relationships.  Although I’m quite sure that the upcoming challenges will be very real, I will be able to navigate them with clarity of purpose.


Thank you so much for helping me achieve alignment Janet.  You’re like a chiropractor for my soul!

Julie Roberts

Solar Power Project Manager


The best part of all is how Janet made room for my whole life in our coaching sessions. She asked the tough questions, she listened diligently and articulated what she heard back to me in ways that gave me confidence and a blueprint for clear action.

Somae Osler, MA

Somalila Sanctuary, Duncan

It’s been a pleasure to work with Janet. She has a  way of listening that both accepts the various threads of inspiration and looks to find the core that wants to be seen and worked with. She has many tools from her career as a counsellor in a university setting and a clear understanding of the coaching paradigm. I appreciate her assistance in setting and achieving goals.


Nan Goodship

Artist, Community Leader

I have been working with Janet for some time for Master’s thesis coaching.  Janet is my rock.  She is a person who has been kind and gentle in supporting me while challenging me to overcome numerous (and repetitive) personal obstacles.  Her dedication to my success as a person and a scholar is overwhelming and beautiful. Janet has helped me create realistic goals in order for me to have confidence in reaching these goals and this provides me with momentum moving forward in other tasks. Janet has also helped me to incorporate a holistic routine where I am able to achieve my thesis goals by ensuring I take care of my mind and body through meditating, exercising, and eating nutritiously. Lastly, when I get caught in the details trying to quickly finish a task in my thesis, due to tight deadlines, Janet helps me step back and see the bigger picture in order to structure my draft thesis chapters in a much more thoughtful way. This has helped me produce solid academic writing.

Michelle Zakrison

Graduate Student

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