nurturing the seeds of change


Janet Sheppard, PhD, CEC, ACC

Like many others who have come to the profession of coaching from an earlier career, I have been drawn to the strengths-based approach to helping others thrive. Before beginning my coaching training, I had a long career as a clinical, learning, and career counsellor in a university setting, and for many years it was richly rewarding. One thing I loved most of all in that work, however, was supporting people who were open to learning, growing, and changing in an integrated way, transforming their sense of self as they challenged themselves to navigate their academic learning and their personal and life/work paths.

It's that transformative possibility that continues to fuel my passion for coaching. I am fully committed to helping  you find yours.

If I am not working with clients, I can be found in my community, my home, or my garden, all of which (along with my family and especially my grandchildren) fill me with ideas, creativity, and love. I live in a semi-rural setting and am grateful each day for the proximity of nature, which I believe has great healing capacity. 

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